Outcome Three: Gender Equality and Child Protection

Bhutan One Programme 2014-2018 (pdf, 3MB) is the strategic document for all UN agencies in Bhutan. It comprises four outcomes and 23 measurable outputs with an estimated five-year budget of USD 86.6 million.

Gender Equality and Child Protection is the Outcome Three in this document, with the following aim:

By 2018, communities and institutions strengthened at all levels to achieve enhanced gender equality, empowerment and protection of women and children.

The core strategies to achieve this outcome include:

  • Enhanced legal and policy environment to promote gender equality and child protection
  • Gender mainstreamed across all sectors, including CSOs
  • Support mechanisms for gender-based violence and child protection
  • Awareness programme on prevention and elimination of gender based violence

The Outcome Groups, consisting of government and civil society representatives, monitor and implement the activities of each outcome. For the Outcome Two, the UN co-chair is UNFPA, and the government co-chair is the National Commission for Women and Children (NCWC).