Good Governance and Participation

Bhutan One Programme 2014-2018 (pdf, 3MB) is the strategic document for all UN agencies in Bhutan. It comprises four outcomes and 23 measurable outputs with an estimated five-year budget of USD 86.6 million.

Good Governance and Participation is the Outcome Four in this document, with the following aim:

By 2018, governance institutions and communities exercise the principles of democratic governance at the national and local levels, with a focus on inclusiveness, transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision making. 

The core strategies to achieve this outcome include:

  • Strengthened systems for public management
  • Data and information for evidence-based decision making
  • Better public service delivery at both national and local levels
  • Increased participation of people, women and youth in particular, in leadership as well as policy-making and planning
  • Strengthened role of media and CSOs in democracy
  • Increased people’s awareness of their rights and access to justice

The Outcome Groups, consisting of government and civil society representatives, monitor and implement the activities of each outcome. For the Outcome Four, the UN co-chair is UNDP, and the government co-chair is the Department of Local Governance (Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs).

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