UN Bhutan Country Fund

The UN Bhutan Country Fund is a common fund for mobilizing and allocating resources for UN activities at the country level. It serves as a vehicle for pooling and allocating resources to support outcomes of the Bhutan One Programme 2014-2018 (pdf, 3MB), and it supplements the internal funding of the UN agencies. The Fund enhances the flexibility of the UN system to address existing and emerging national priorities.

The objective is to enable coherent resource mobilization and allocation to support the realization of the Bhutan One Programme, as well as new initiatives responding to evolving needs.

How to support

Contributions to the Fund are accepted from:

  • The Royal Government of Bhutan
  • Bilateral and multilateral development partners
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Private sources and foundations

To ensure maximum flexibility and adaptation to national priorities, donors are encouraged to contribute with multi-year un-earmarked resources which would support the overall work of the UN in the country. It is also possible to earmark contributions by outcome, output and/or UN agency.

For more information on the Bhutan Country Fund, see the website of the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office, download the One Fund brochure (pdf, 730kb), or contact rco.bt@one.un.org.