Energy efficient stoves cooking new breed of women leaders


Pema Choki, a Non Formal Education (NFE) instructor in Khaling, Trashigang, is now gearing up to run for the upcoming local government elections. Five years back, Pema would have not even imagined to stand up to such leadership roles. Pema said that her confidence level has drastically improved with increasing interaction with the communities through […]

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Breaking the cycle of poverty in Bhutan through education and innovation


This year, Bhutan joins the world in observing the World Food Day with the theme, “Breaking the cycle of rural poverty.” And while Bhutan has halved poverty from 23.4 per cent in 2007 to 12.04 per cent in 2012, the day brings with it a reminder of the way forward. As a UN member state, […]

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Exploring way forward for a legal aid system in Bhutan

UNDP Deputy Rep Niamh Collier-Smith speaking at the consultation opening.

Bhutan is another step closer to developing a legal aid system to ensure equal access to justice to the people. This week, stakeholder consultations produced recommendations for establishing a legal aid system for Bhutan. Drawing on international standards lessons from other countries, it was agreed that such a system must also be rooted in Bhutanese […]

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Advocating role of communities as first-hand disaster responders

UN Bhutan RC going through displays set by students on disaster management.

Thimphu, 13 October, 2015: The need to have a community that is prepared to face disasters is as essential as any government intervention at various levels was the message carried by the International Day for Disaster Reduction in Thimphu as several students, disaster management authorities and humanitarian aid organization gather to observe the day. This […]

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WHO donates 50,000 USD to the Bhutan Health Trust Fund

Left-Right: WHO Bhutan Rep Ornello Linceta handing over the donation to Health Minister Tandin Wangchuk.

As people from all walks of life joined the advocacy to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases and free primary health care services on the annual Health Walk on 11 October, the South East Asian Regional Office (SEARO) of the World Health Organization (WHO) donated 50,000 USD to the Bhutan Health Trust Fund. The idea of setting up […]

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