Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report

A swollen Mao Chhu after the floods with the broken spur wall in the background (circled).

Post Disaster Needs Assessment

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Secretary General’s Message: 2016 International Day of Tolerance


The values of tolerance and mutual understanding – so firmly embedded in the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – are facing profound tests around the world. Refugees and migrants continue to face closed doors and clenched fists. Violent extremists continue to target people solely because of their faiths and traditions. […]

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UN Secretary General’s opening remarks to the press at CoP 22


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to begin my day with a meeting with the distinguished members of the media. Thank you for covering this very important meeting on climate change. Ladies and gentlemen, No country, however resourceful or powerful, is immune from the impacts of climate change. That is why we have seen […]

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UN Staff donate blood and discuss what it means to work for the UN


“You see little children playing by the roadside grappling in dust and dirt. Five years ago, they were just somebody else’s children. Now when I see them, I start thinking about their wellbeing and education”, described UNICEF Bhutan’s Education Officer, Sangay Jamtsho as he spoke on what it means for him to be working for […]

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2016 UN Day statement by the UN Bhutan Resident Coordinator, a.i.

RC5 - Copy

On this occasion, let me take the opportunity, on behalf of the United Nations family in Bhutan, to extend our sincere appreciation to the Royal Government of Bhutan for hosting the auspicious lighting of a thousand butter lamps and prayers for world peace and prosperity. A year ago, on 25 September 2015, the United Nations […]

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