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Finding opportunities through passion


Mud-soaked boots with persistent leeches, big and small, studiously climbing up. Trudging up the hill, her feet thump bravely to reach her destination and fall into a deep sleep only to be woken up by the constant drumming of a downpour. She wakes up to face a new day, puts on a fresh new T-shirt, on the back it reads “Denkar’s Getaway.”

Tshering Denkar has left footprints along the high Dagala mountains, crawled inside the caves of Tsirang and donned the Brokpa Chupa while crunching icicles in the remote village of Merak.

While teaching English the prisoners in Northern Thailand, her students often asked her questions about the world beyond the prison gates. What is the world like? Are certain places the way it was before they entered the prison walls? Not being able to answer the questions made her ask certain questions to herself. There was little she knew about her own country let alone the places her students asked her about.

That was when she realized that she had limited her freedom to explore the world. And instead of packing her bags and heading off to see the world, she decided to come back home and explore her own country. There was so much yet to be explored, that’s when she decided to become a full-time vlogger and Bhutan saw the birth of its first travel vlogger.

Denkar like many others got hit by the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, she started to receive lesser number of vlogging proposals from tourism related agencies. However, that did not stop her from vlogging, instead she found new opportunities to encourage Bhutanese to travel domestically.

She started to promote the idea of Staycations with aim to encourage Bhutanese families to take the weekend off to make short family trips to villages and heritage sites. travel to other dzongkhags for short family holidays to villages and heritage sites.

“We seem to think that hiking, trekking, trying local delicacies or staying in hotels and visiting places within our country, is only for tourists, but it’s not. We can actually help boost our own local tourism and promote domestic economic activities,” said Tshering Denkar.

She also took some time to visit her village in Tsirang which has limited access to television and mobile connectivity. While she was there, she spoke to the people in her village creating awareness on COVID-19 and helped them understand the importance of practicing good hygiene and safe practices. Denkar, through a video message in Tsangla, helped in creating awareness among the people in eastern Bhutan.

Having completed the De-suung training recently, Denkar is currently engaging herself in patrolling the streets of Thimphu and advocating for safe practices to the people.

“It’s all about positivity and passion. There will always be opportunities. We just need to work hard. And then nothing can stop you, not even a rolling stone,” she said.


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