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Life in the air during COVID-19

While the rest of the world has been asked to stay home, flight attendants are on the front lines, traveling to selected countries and getting exposed to hundreds of people every time there is a repatriation flight bringing Bhutanese living abroad back home. What is life in the air like during the COVID-19? Working as a flight attendant during the pandemic can be stressful, every flight is a chance to be exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.


Sadon Lhamo, a flight attendant with Druk Air for the past nine years, like many others, risks their health every time they board a plane. She flies out around three to four international flights in a month, after every flight she is kept at a restrictive positioning for 14 days. For those who flew in with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, all crew members onboard the flight are quarantined for 21 days. Sadon went on one repatriation from which six passengers were tested positive and is currently quarantined for 21 days.


Many flight attendants around the world say they are being treated like ‘vessels of disease.’ However, Sadon Lhamo said the safety measures put in place by her airline company makes her feel safe. All flight attendants are provided with personal protective equipment and have put in place procedures and working conditions to ensure the safety of the cabin crew.


“I feel more confident to go to work as we have the right measures in place,” said Sadon Lhamo. “I am happy to be able to do something in a crisis by going to work whenever I am required too. For right now, this is how I can contribute.”


While she was in her company’s restrictive positioning, she realized that everything she read or heard about COVID-19 was negative. To help Bhutanese from being scared, worried and overwhelmed by the situation, Sadon decided to start a social media space on Facebook and Instagram called “Happiness is still a place” to share positivity. She said, the name of the space reminds people about the good things in life and that amidst all the negativity around the pandemic, there is still so much that one could look forward to.


Sadon started with making videos and sharing it on the space to keep herself occupied while in isolation. With what started as a social media space to keep herself occupied, Happiness is still a place today has 1,646 followers on Instagram and 1,748 on Facebook. The page gives a platform for people to share their inspiring stories, stay home activities, awareness messages, contributions from people on what happiness means to them and musical jam every Monday to beat the Monday blues.


Through this Sadon hopes to inspire the people of Bhutan to always find love and joy in everything they do.


“Just as I have found love and joy from everyone who has been part of my journey with Happiness is still a place, I hope people find the same.” she said.


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