[We Care, We Share] An Inspiring Story on Generosity and Altruism: A Food Affair Story



We Care We Share

An initiative of UN Bhutan- resilience tools for COVID-19



Generosity, altruism, a food affair story

Up until COVID-19 took by storm, the shredded beef salad with parsley and lime at the Food Affairs restaurant in Thimphu was the talk of the town among the many line-up of dishes on the menu.


For this TV director/producer with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS), her love for cooking led her to take a break from her job to pursue her passion; to find happiness in Food Affairs.


However, three months into her business, Tshering Choden’s restaurants, like many other saw empty tables and chairs waiting to be served.


The unwavering support and efforts made by the government and the people working in the frontline to help fight COVID-19 gave her the chance to keep her passion for cooking alive.


Reinventing and reimagining during this pandemic, was always on Tshering Choden’s mind as she triggered her strong sense of social responsibility, which eventually has temporarily changed her business in order to help those in need during the pandemic.


Her restaurant started to provide food to the frontline workers soon after Bhutan recorded its first COVID-19 positive case.


Since then, she and her team have been providing food to Dessups on duty, nurses, doctors, flu clinics, various offices and organizations, quarantine facilities and the Royal Centre for Disease Control at Serbithang.


Tshering Choden and her team were the first ones to volunteer food services to the people working in the frontline. This initiative has inspired other restaurants to also come forward and take this initiative forward.


“Even if one restaurant in Bhutan can donate one meal to those in quarantine, it’ll help ease the financial burden on our government,” said Tshering Choden.


She added that His Majesty the King’s leadership encourages and inspires all Bhutanese to come together as one and that has given birth to many other volunteers.


“People have their own way of contributing, of being responsible in their small ways and playing their part,” said Tshering Choden. “We plan on donating food until the end of COVID-19, it’s the least this restaurant can do for the nation.”


Meanwhile, Tshering Choden also opens her restaurant kitchen, free of cost, for volunteers who wish to prepare food for the frontline workers.


Tshering is also part of the Bhutan Knit n Crochet, a community of Bhutanese knitters who have been knitting and donating “ear-savers”- a strap that helps remove the strain of the facemask on the ears, to frontline workers. She is the focal person in Thimphu and shares her love for knitting in the form of social work and solidarity.



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