Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Bhutan – A network analysis of institutions supporting entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurship is gaining momentum in Bhutan due to the emergence of incubators, co-working spaces and start-up competitions, encouraging youth to consider entrepreneurship as a rewarding career option remains a challenge. Low level of perception of entrepreneurship as a serious career path, a mindset further propagated within a traditional family environment, has largely yet to evolve with the push for entrepreneurship in the country. This report finds that training and coaching opportunities to build skills and knowledge of entrepreneurs are widely available at idea and early growth stages. However, a limited offering is available to support start-ups to grow and mature into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Knowledge in areas such as packaging, meeting standards and quality requirements, marketing and branding are crucial when approaching international buyers.

Download here: ITC, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Bhutan – A network analysis of institutions supporting entrepreneurship


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