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Caring for the community

Every social worker has a story of their own. This story of a former teacher is quite unlike any other. Namgyel Wangchuk’s story is different. Although he was already engaged as a social worker, he quit his full-time job in pursuit of a more active role in helping the community.

As a former civil servant, he saw the need for a more value-based learning and guidance for his students. For the year 2016, he initiated a session called “Free Soul” where students and dropouts could engage themselves in activities of learning values.

Namgyel also started the Youth Caring Community (YCC) in 2017 to focus on giving guidance and mentoring for youth. Aimed to be the country’s first human resource pool to care, mentor, motivate, develop, and connect individuals, his organization also organizes the National Young Achievers Award in Bhutan.

Today, YCC has expanded into being called Your Caring Community which not only cares and mentors school students but also the elderly. With the COVID-19 situation YCC took on the role of a virtual bridge between individuals as there was a need to keep people socially connected while physically distanced or isolated at their homes.

Namgyel and his team initiated the Sun of Happiness programme- a livestream video session on Instagram featuring Bhutanese celebrities sharing their personal journey and messages related to COVID-19.

The Sun of Happiness initiative also collects postcards recognizing the work done by the frontline workers from the general public. It also includes a virtual fund raising for the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Namgyel is also the Programme Director of Camp Rural Friendship (Camp RUF) and the coach for the Bhutan National Baseball League (BNBL).

He has carried out the Bhutan chapter of the “Mission TrashTag” challenge, involving hundreds of volunteers nationwide in 2019. In addition, he was part of filling road potholes in Thimphu, called the “Mission Potholes”.

“My inspiration in life comes from being an active citizen, there’s a popular phrase about living the moment like there’s no tomorrow. To do something today. That really inspires me.”




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